The Fall Of Instagram | Why Instagram Can Destroy Your Life

We live in a society that promotes image and beauty, that’s a fact, but you can have so much more added value by giving people the authenticity of your story, it’s not about displaying fake happiness, it’s about offering true helpfulness. 


I stopped meat for 6 months | Why I went Vegan – The Full Story

When you sit all day working in front of a laptop, you start questioning yourself about health, well being, etc…
Even if I train on regular basis, there is always this question on my mind : What is the best diet one can have to optimize his life ?

6 Habits I wish I had Dropped Earlier In My Life

As you grow older, you realize there are many things you wish were différents : Habits are one of them…
I’m sharing with you my story with the 6 bad habits I wish I had dropped earlier in my life ❤️

How To Be More Productive In 4 Steps

The Question It’s 7:30 AM, as my eyes start slowly opening, I ask myself the same question : How can I do more today with the minimum effort possible ? Producing outstanding results with the minimum workload has been literally my obsession for the last 2 months. The Context Because of my job (I work…